Chapter 51.5 Phoning Family For A Final (Wrong) Answer (Rose POV)

Chapter 51.5 Phoning Family For A Final (Wrong) Answer (Rose POV)

“He was lying.” The two answers he gave me when I held his hands I felt the stars call out.

“Huh? Lying about what everything he said? He was so detailed…”

“No, he was telling the truth about most things but he was lying about where he met Lucid.”

Why was the young man lying about where he met Lucid? He was attractive and charismatic and I do believe his words when he said Lucid had gained consciousness he knew details that only Lucid, me, and Carmichael could know.

Maybe Lucid was lonely and fell in love with a prostitute and the prostitute had realized he had fallen in love with Lucid after some tragedy?

His words about Lucid having died were truthful after all.

Which is why I asked if he was his lover.

“He was sincere and I felt no malice I think he really did want to learn more about Lucid, but I will speak with Liion to find out more.”

“Y-your calling Liion right now? How?”

“How? I have her contact. Why not? I can call my younger sister whenever I want.”

“Y-younger sister!”

“Oh, did I forget to tell you that? We were both orphans here you know. Oh, that busy body is picking up here I’ll put it on speaker so you can talk to her too.” I keep forgetting Liion removed her surname.

“Rose? Hello? Rosyyy?”

“Liion, I had an encounter today. A bit of a sad one at that.”

“Are those scouts getting pushier? I can go over and teach them a lesson.”

“No, no. I met a friend of yours actually.”


“Yeah a young man came, did you get it? I sent you a picture of him. He said his name was Lumi and he met you and Lucid inside the Tole Forest Dungeon.”

“Lumi? I don’t know anyone named Lumi. Oh! He’s cute but now I’m sure I’ve never seen him in my life. Lucid… Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that I did meet Lucid in the dungeon.”

“Yes, you did forget. I just found out through Lumi that Lucid had been cured somehow.”

I sighed at my younger sister, so forgetful.

“Can you believe it? He could talk, no, converse! Poor Carmichael didn’t get to see it. But it seems he didn’t have any memories of his time with us or even recognize me and that’s fine, I’m just happy he can live his life now. Carmichael would be so proud. Lucid was hunting, scoping out floors, fighting keepers out there making his own decisions.”

“He looked pretty strong during one of the emergencies I secretly watched over him after I finished my tasks but I’m sure he made it out. I should go check up on him now that you mentioned. Ugh dealing with this aftermath has a TON of paperwork involved I’ve been so busy since after the dungeon was conquered. ”


“What? Whats with that tone are you mad I haven’t come visit?”

“Lumi said Lucid had passed away.”


After the sound of static there was silence.

“I think she blew up her phone with a zap that leaked out.”

But she didn’t know Lumi? My skills don’t lie he definitely knew Liion and really did consider her a friend.


“I’m still here Liion did you fix your phone?”

“No, I have spares. Did… did Lucid really pass away?”

“When I held his hand I asked two things. One, if he was your friend and two if Lucid had died. He wasn’t lying when he answered yes to both.”

“I really don’t know this Lumi. I only made friends with Lucid and no one else other than the children I was taking care of there.”

“If he wasn’t lying that he was your friend and you aren’t lying that you only made friends with Lucid then…”

The conclusion was there but how the conclusion could be possible was what was baffling.

“But how can he be Lucid if he wasn’t lying about Lucid dying?” My sister came to the same thought.

“I don’t understand how it can be true either. If it was a soul-eating hyre the city formations wouldn’t have let him in…”

Both of us stayed in silence.

“Oh, I forgot to introduce you two. Liion the church finally gave me my own resplendent! Her name is Cecilia Groton. Don’t be shy say hi.” I grabbed Cecilia who was getting flustered and backing away.

“H-hi I’m Cecilia Groton and I’m a big fan of yours!”

“Gahaha thank you. A resplendent huh, how nostalgic I remember when Rose and I where ones too. So, hows my sister treating you shes so different from me right? Always a stickler with the slow and steady mindset. If shes ever being unreasonable feel free to tell me I’ll tell her off for you.”

“N-no Bishop Rose has been a wonderful mentor and teacher! I would never.”

My sister’s cackle filled the room as she teased the poor Cecilia.

“You know even when I did have my surname many still couldn’t believe we were related. What do you think Cecilia are we similar or not?”

I jolt ran through my mind. The surname!

There was another possibility! If in his mind he as ‘Lucid’ did die permanently in a symbolic fashion and then he took up the name Lumi everything would fit together perfectly.

“Y-your both very kind I think you both are more similar.”

“Liion I just thought of something. If Lucid had died in the same manner your surname was sacrificed and he took up the new name Lumi it would make sense of the strangeness right?”

As I spoke out my thought it began to make more sense, but now we wondered the why ‘Lucid’ had to ‘die’. Something must have happened for him to need to change his identity in such a heavy-handed manner.

“I got it, I’ll investigate.” Liion seemed serious all of sudden she came to the same thoughts wondering why he did such a thing.

“I’ll keep an eye on Lumi but I’ll be careful you too okay? I’ll divine some things with tonight’s stars and send you my results.”

“Okay, if I find something through my channels I’ll tell you as soon as I can so you can expand on it with your divinations. Lets do the old Carmicheal right.”

Liion hung up. Yes, Lucid was special to Carmicheal he passed on happy Lucid could act on his own it would be sad if it was tarnished.

“Sorry Cecilia you couldn’t talk more with Liion. I’ll make sure you get to meet her sometime. I’ll be in my room please avoid disturbing me unless it is something urgent.”

After Liion hung up I left to prepare for the night.

The stars would soon reveal themselves.

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