Chapter 58: A Family’s Heirlooms and His Life’s Earning Half Gone In A Slash


Chapter 58: A Family’s Heirlooms and His Life’s Earning Half Gone In A Slash

Once more seating had been added overnight leaving me marveled at the construction of this world. Like an upturned pyramid new levels high up had been placed. I found it bizarre that no one questioned the stability making me feel as if the thought of the construction failing on its own never entered anyone’s mind. 

What was on the mind of everyone in attendance was us down in a special seating area within the garden like ground floor created by the falling petals the other day. The most major difference was the platform Obsense had spoken on yesterday had been expanded. Standing grandly was a single battleground at the center taking up a third of the entire area of the coliseum ground. It was where the focus would be so its appearance matched its duty. 

But because the matches had yet to begin I could feel the eyes glued to us in admiration and curiosity. It hasn’t sunk in for me but everyone who would be fighting here was someone special. Each of our names worthy of an overbearing parent’s use to chastise their child in comparison. 

While their focus was on us our focus was on analyzing the grand battleground we would be fighting in. It contained three distinct areas; a large pristine pond surrounded by rocks and flowers reminiscent of a blessed land, a magma laden dessert of charred black sands with waves of heat distorting the air, and a barren frozen tundra with a maze of jagged chunks of ice jutting from the ground that coveted a chill deep in the bones from looking at it. 

I felt ideas popping up on how to use the tundra because of the affinity of obtained to it but really I shouldn’t worry about making any plans it’s not like I need to try very hard to win this in its entirety. 

Taken from my thoughts two friendly voices greeted me, one a bit dry and serious and the other clear and mellow.

“Nous” “Lumi”

The Gidder siblings arrived in the seating area reserved for us. They sat after Aegis had nudged her brother to wave to his fans beforehand and took the two seats to the right of me with Aegris directly next to me. 

Did something happen? 

I glanced at Aegris who hadn’t said another word after arriving. He looked to be in a brooding mood that exuded “a don’t talk to me” aura. While I don’t think he would bite I didn’t want to prod either. Curious for answers I looked to ask Aegis for answers. 

Maybe it had something to do with the video message she sent me earlier? 

“Aegis, did you really have an entire group cheering for you at the station? Just for you?” I asked while shifting my gaze to her brother. 

This was my guess as to why Aegris looked annoyed. 

Aegis gave a light laugh.

“Its exactly as the video showed, the cheers came from members of a fansite dedicated to pictures of me.”

“Ah, and I wasn’t the only one to receive something. A group of girls even gave my brother a bouquet of rare medicinal flowers and a stack of handwritten perfume scented letters.”

Was it really that which made his mood as it is now? The only way I see him angry about that was him thinking it was a waste of their time and would rather have his fans be training junkies as a way to show support. The value of the flowers wasn’t something casual either.


I clicked my tongue, calculating in my head a rough estimate of how much the flowers were worth. One that increased the ability to learn techniques and another that could increase one’s own willpower. The effects the flowers gave were a bit abstract but their results were permanent, quantifiable, and most importantly independently tested. Feeling I needed to protect my own pride I began my own boast. 

“That’s not bad, but can you guess what my fans asked of me?” My question was aimed at the two but only Aegis looked to me.

Aegis tilted her head viciously sweetly as if she could not understand what I had said.

“Asked of you?” She questioned. 

“Aren’t supporters supposed to give? Ah, but seeing your confident grin Nous I’m curious. What did they ask?”

Knowing her manner of humor I didn’t take her words to heart.

“Heh, I wonder if you can keep acting so smugly after I tell you.” 

“Two spear wielders asked me, Lumi Nous, to kiss the blade of their spears. As if I was blessing their children with my divine protection. Inspiring isn’t it?” I said grandiosely. 

Two youths had called out to me outside the coliseum when I was walking to my designated gate.  At first, I looked over my shoulder cautiously but when I realized they were truly calling for me I had to stop myself from running to them. I was happy to give them my autograph or at least shake their hand, but they asked for something different. Elated that they were here to see me specifically I agreed to their request of giving their spear’s a small peck. 

I shot a look over to gauge their reaction.

Did it flop? It thought it was a pretty funny story… 

I had thought Aegis would laugh at my truthful and self-deprecating story but instead she gave me an odd expression before smiling and nodding her head no longer keeping the jokingly smug manner. Getting the reaction I expected was unexpected I was unsure how to respond. 

Aegris still said nothing looking a bit tenser after my story knitting his eyebrows like he was holding something in. 

Was my funny story so horrible it made him angry? 

No way. I shook the thought. 

Thinking it was just him mentally preparing himself for the day’s fights I ignored the change in his expression. 

“Lumi.” Aegris suddenly worded out seriously but not angrily confirming my suspicions. 

“Aegris?” I replied. 

“I have been thinking about what you said yesterday and after watching your battles last night more closely I’ve obtained a goal. I don’t care about winning this tournament, all I want is to beat you in a match.” 

Without skipping a beat he stated, very clearly, while staring at me with his red eyes. His burning gaze pierced into me leaving me at a bit of a loss. It wasn’t an angry face it was something to the tune of competitive spirit pushed to the extreme. It was smothering being stared at so seriously making me see that his haughty face looked a bit more mature. 

Caught by surprise by the sudden deep resolution and not wanting to blow off his feelings for this I replied changing into an equally serious tone.

“I’ll be ready and looking forward to our match then,” I said staring back at him trying to match his heated gaze.

I then turned to his sister, “I’m looking forward to facing you to Aegis.” 

Her gentle face suddenly turned cold.

“Very well Nous, it’s good you keep me in your eyes. While not as strung up as my brother to fight you I would have been disappointed if you had said nothing to me. I too take pride in my ability.”

Aegis’ voice was just as resolute and no longer mellow instead carrying with it the clear sharp tone of rivalry. Aegris having spoken no longer looked tense from letting out what he had been holding in. 

I knew strength meant a lot in terms of societal status, but I guess rivalry carries weight among friends too?

Well, weight isn’t quite the right word either. It’s hard to describe the sentiment because I don’t fully understand it. My replies seemed genuine but I couldn’t help but feeling that they really weren’t no matter how hard I tried. I scoured my brain to understand but all that would come were my day’s training and exploring the Tole Forest Dungeon with Eugene came to mind.

Camaraderie? That seems to fit better. 

Aegis was good at separating the different intertwined parts of rivalry and friendship as her voice returned to the soft and gentle one of an older sister. 

“Speaking of pride, I hope you haven’t forgotten our argument with Star King.” 

Forgotten? No, not forgotten but after so many days of non-stop fighting it was easy to sense both of our sides had pushed the event aside. I’m starting to think Star King had the same idea as we did and just used us as we used him because the next day he didn’t bother with us at all. Not a single glance after our little argument, which was surprising as we said we would slit his throat after he had spoken some similarly threatening words. 

“I haven’t, but the rest of the tournament overshadowed the incident. I’m feeling certain Star King had the same idea as us then.”

“I believe he did too, and if he’s much like us then he’ll plan to rekindle that moment for the viewers should we face. Just be careful if you do face him I don’t think you…never mind. Just be careful.” 

I wasn’t thinking about that, she’s right even if Star King personally doesn’t care he wouldn’t let go of such a chance of spotlight. 

“Oh, Nous before the day begins I wanted to tell you my brother and I heard something interesting as we made our way through to here.” 


“I overheard some officials discussing the change in their schedules because Laurent won’t be attending this year. A bit disappointing isn’t it?” Her eyes were still soft but I could feel them scanning me for a reaction.

I let her have nothing out of the ordinary. He’s not attending at all? That was quite the news I don’t recall reading him ever missing the final days. 

“That is a bit disappointing isn’t this the first time he’s ever missed this?”

“It is, which is why its all the more odd.” 

It’s not just odd it’s strange. What would be keeping him from coming? This isn’t a small event it’s one of the most important parts of the Academy and carried his reputation. Not showing his face at least once will raise many questions. 

With so little information I could only guess it must be an urgent matter. What I could answer was just how inhuman this girl was. I think my expression dropped during yesterday’s speech from Obsense but when did she catch it? 

With not much time to think about what she told me I put the thoughts away as I looked up to the air in front of us before the grand battleground platform was city controller Obsense Reidfall. 

“Everyone welcome!” He said, instantly the crowd quieted down. 

“I hope you’re all excited about the performances today! I’ll keep my words short as I’m sure all are itching for the action. So let’s begin, I’ll call on the first two challengers.”

“The first two talented fighters will be…”

“Lumi Nous and Star King!” 


The crowd cheered as Obsense quickly flew away from the center to the special floating cascade of tiered seating reserved for special guests above us. In the seats sat various familiar faces, many of whom I remember seeing on television waiting for the Tole Forest Dungeon Entrance. I was sure they are the same people who watched us from behind the tinted glass. However, the empty seat beside Obsense stuck out the most. 

“Looks like you’re first, be mindful Nous of what I said he might try more than just rekindle,” Aegis said as I got up and walked past her.

“As my sister says, be mindful,” Aegris repeated. 

After I had heard my name I already understood what to do from the instructions I received. Steadying my breath I continued to walk and arrived at the left corner of the seating area where I stepped onto a stone disk. After reaching its center it slowly hefted itself then began to float away taking me to the battleground in the middle of the coliseum. On the right side of the seating area, Star King had done the same as I did in a mirrored fashion. 

Standing on the stone disk I waved to the crowd as the air above the battleground had an enlarged live projection for all to see me more clearly. 



I heard the crowd cheered my name, while a bit embarrassed I hid the fact, as I waved to them with a bright smile. I haven’t completely abandoned my hopes of fame it would really make life at the Academy much easier if I had more, but having Aegris and Aegis is just fine. I was happy to see my small following growing, I didn’t really understand why they chose to follow me but people idolize random things all the time I wasn’t going to dwell deeply on it. 

After I received a positive cheer I caught Star King’s cheers drown out my own, but I snickered knowing neither of us had really gotten much of the fame that we wanted as Aegis had stolen it all. At least I had the Gidder siblings, what did he have? 

Star King looked over to me between waving to the crowd. “I hope you still don’t mind our exchange of words earlier in the tournament. We must have been heated from the tournament. Please don’t take those words to heart we both must regret them. ”

The coliseum would not let his words go to waste, his voice was carried for all to hear. I inwardly sighed at what he was trying to do but met his refreshing smile with a righteous look of contempt. 

“What person would I be to take back words against someone who threatens my fellow companions. If I took those statements lightly what kind of person would I be? Are you someone who would avert their eyes just to avoid conflict for themselves? Are you telling me to be a coward that bends to others!?” 

The more I spoke the more his hateful eyes narrowed with malice, no doubt cursing me to death behind them, before being quickly hidden away returning back into an innocent smile back to the crowd. It was the best course of action to limit the damage of continuing this. 

Secretly I laughed while I put on airs. Star King that was too easy. 

The flight soon ended, we were close to the battleground. Seemingly by random, which could have been a conscious choice from the officials, both of us were carried to the scorched desert portion of the battleground. Slowly descending inside the battleground the platforms gently landed and nestled in the black sand then dispelled its invisible barrier allowing the extreme heat and smell of char to attack. 

I looked around to get a feel for the area up close. The sand dunes rode high in waves and the scorching temperature made me wonder if the serene pond and frozen tundra existed behind them. We were placed in a relatively flat area but behind Star King was one of the larger sand dunes. Around us, most frighteningly, where pools of bubbling magma whose deepness could not be deciphered as their existence was wholly unnatural.

It would be best to avoid them, obviously, but it would be hard when I don’t feel any particular danger from them. Like a kid playing in a shallow puddle, I was quite sure I could jump into one of the pools and kick the glowing molten liquid at Star King without batting an eye.

After memorizing the lay of the land, so as to more efficiently battle him once the match began, I drew my eyes onto Star King directly in front of me. Holding in his need to snarl I could see him begin to tense up 200 meters across from me. Preparing myself I cast First Snow onto my spear clearing away the heat and smell. Once activated I entered a stance with my spear almost perpendicular to the ground and pointed towards him. It was a rather aggressive stance one that clearly postured a raging forward charge. 

Star King also prepared and brought out his two orbs spinning freely around him. 

Both of us were ready the countdown between us and up in the air above us grew larger the closer it came to 0. 


The crowd seemed to have liked our exchange as they roared one side for me and the other for Star King as the countdown was nearing its end. With mine a little louder now. 


The moment the platform disappeared below me I had already prepared and jumped out of the way. 


Just as I had guessed four rays of blueish-white light attacked sand where I just was and a bit in front of me. Happy I was able to convince him into thinking I would immediately dash forwards I sidestepped instead then ran forward. But Star King was no slacker and had already leaped back, almost flying, towards large sand dune that was behind him. 

“I had thought you were braver, you’re already running away the moment the match begins!” I laughed as I ran towards Star King with my spear in my left hand trailing behind me. 

With practiced and light steps the surprisingly soft sand was no issue for me thanks to Frium’s teachings. 

“Why would I chose to be close to a brute who only knows to charge forward, you lack refinement.” Star King scoffed back as he launched beams of white light from his two orbs orbiting him. 

Even with his higher ground I quickly ran while easily dodging the rays and carefully avoiding falling into the blazing pools of magma while doing so. Faster than I had anticipated I was close to reaching him. 

“Tch.” I saw him click his tongue. 

“What good is your refinement if you can’t do anything to stop me?” I grinned. 

Star King scowled as he continued to dash away up the incline while facing me gesturing with his arms at me every time he was ready to fire. His aim wasn’t bad so I had to take a longer route snaking my way up the sand dune as his beams turned the black sand hard, ashy, and white. 

With me snaking to avoid and deflecting any beams that came close with my spear he must have realized two orbs weren’t enough as the two split into four. 

A trail of beams followed wherever I went like a swarm of fireflies making following him up the dune slow down. Still snaking up I made my way halfway up taking up a good length of time. From the feeling his attacks gave he was pressed to do something decisive. Once I caught up to him it would be impossible for him to break away as he had at the start. 

Seeing him continue to run up, creating his own ashy path to not sink into the sand, a blue mist of augmenting magic appeared around his body and in the air above him speeding him forward while increasing the rate of fire of the orbs within it.

Not slowing down after him I avoided the faster beams of light that he continued to shoot. I could sense a tinge of desperation, but nothing serious and it could be bait for me to take a risky move. However, he was faster than I had anticipated with his magic creating a road. But it didn’t matter he was getting pressured seeing as he split the four orbs again into eight. 

Cooling my head I slowed down a tad. I’m pretty sure I have the upper hand now, the best course would be to just continue the pressure until he revealed all that he had. 

“It’s been a while and you can’t close this bit of space. I overestimated, what a waste of power on someone like you.” 

He said in obvious provocation confirming what I had felt really was a bait that he was trying not let go to waste. It must have used a bit of mana to include the blue mist into the air around the orbs to increase the speed in the barrage while keeping the same power. 

Matching him I threw weak provocations back, “words from someone with aim like yours mean nothing maybe you should get closer so as not to miss!”  

“Essence trainers… think yourself so highly you’re all the same all you can do is swing and run. Even sadder is what? You’ve only learned one ability all your life? Not something you developed on your own either. You couldn’t learn one more already completed technique… Pathetic truly pathetic.”

Although his words were just to get me to reveal my cards they quite honestly stung a little even if he didn’t know the entirety of the truth as I have only been living here for a sliver of what he has. 

Of course, I was strong enough to close this gap in a blink and finish this match in less than a split second but I wanted to win this fight by matching my strength to theirs. 

Why did I want to? I wondered as I continued to dodge leaping to the side noticing the barrage was no longer as fast and the blue mist around him was no longer as dark. 

But he was right. I don’t have the right to dispute him, but I still would obviously. 

If I didn’t have the body of someone from Earth how would I be able to compete against him at this moment? Even if I were using my bow with what I had accumulated before regaining my body I doubt how I won this battle would be a conscious choice as it is now. I was certain if I had gotten tested to estimate my combat data I would be a third as strong as Aegris is now. Only have a third of the speed and stamina I would have ran out of mana many minutes ago from dodging using augmenting magic and creating arrows. 

Aegris, Aegis, Star King, and all of the other top 100 here would each easily place in the top 300 of the first years at Laurent Academy. 

Maybe failing to gain fame at the start was for the best. I want to learn I want to become good. I want to reach a point where even I can be impressed with myself. 

“Star King you must be really scared if your spouting so much nonsense, we both know essence trainers are in no way inferior in combat to mages.” 

 Continuing to run away from the incoming beams of lights I zigzagged up and around trying anything to get close to him but now with 8 orbs continually controlling the paths I could take I was left going taking one step forward and one step back if I got too close. If I stayed far it was easy to choose my route but I needed to close in on him to about 30 or 40 meters before I could fake cast my charge. He wasn’t a hyre whereas I could do it from further with an opponent like Star King a lot of the “charge” would be wasted in quick maneuvers.

“Up and down you can’t win. Save yourself the embarrassment of running around until you tire out and let the other matches begin.” His mocking tone was grating even more so as he increased the intensity of the barrage splitting the orbs into 16 smaller ones. 

I clicked my tongue and showed displeasure causing his grin to widen. I needed him to think I was getting agitated.

Dashing left, right leaping forward and back all the while as I blocked multiple beams with my spear I continued to bide my time. Analyzing his movement pattern watching him get comfortable with the stalemate. 

Although many more beams were chasing me trying to gun me down it was noticeable each ray was much weaker. After studying him I understood why he had imbued his magic with the ability of petrifaction. Like me, with ice, he would slowly whittle down opponents the moment he tagged someone causing the scales of the battle to tip more and more. 

All I can do is run you said…

Ahaha Star King you’re undeniably talented in the field of magic, but too bad I won’t let you win. After playing with him for so long finally a loose thread had appeared. All I needed was to pull!

I cast my “charge” and instantly my legs began to pick up speed causing the aim of the eight orbs to further degrade. Dragging my spear behind me, to not clue him into how I would attack, the distance to Star King had finally shrunk.

One, two, three each of my strides began to shoot me up the steep sand dune quickly reaching the top where Star King was on the flat spine of the dune. 

“This is as close as you’ll get!” Star King yelled out as I was a few strides away. Once more he increased the intensity of the onslaught of light turning them into thirty-two orbs all of them floating in a dark navy mist around him making it look like twinkling stars.

Seeing his tension rising I too increased my speed once more shrinking our distance to no more than 15 meters. 

There was no more dodging I shifted the power from my speed into my arms as I turned and twisted my spear around me deflecting each and every weak beam of light. Like ricocheting bullets the beams shot away up into the sky around me or dug into the black sand creating white hard dimples. 

Step by step I got closer and beads of sweat on his brow appeared more and more. Fear and disbelief were in his eyes as no matter how many times he split the orbs I was getting closer. Keeping up such intense magic wasn’t easy. He had been able to move pretty freely with just 4 and 8 orbs but now at 32 he had slowed and could no longer use the augmenting magic to dash away instead the blue mist had been shifted all to the air above him where the many orbs floated. 

I chuckled again as I had arrived less than 10 meters from him. 

“Humph!” Once more the orbs separated into a cloud of 64 orbiting around him. No longer bothering to walk backward he stood facing me sending a rain of beams down without letting up. 

Jesus how much mana does he have!? The torrent of new beams caused me to stop my push. 

GOOD! Now he’s really pressed against a wall.

There was a natural cadence to the orbs and had to recharge after a moment which is why he usually staggered their fire BUT just now he got scared and didn’t he had forced too hard, dove too deep, bet too much! 

“It seems you were the one who isn’t much,” I said derisively.

As I predicted the barrage suddenly lightened like a passing rain cloud to many where recharging at the same time. 

With the last bit of my charge, I dashed forward. The few orbs that could shoot weren’t anything and their beams were whisked away. Taking a glance I decided on a path then lunged at Star King like an arc of lightning.

In a blink I arrived before the blue-haired menace two steps away I jumped up propelling myself upwards flicking my spear to the side when whipping it up I began to slash down to split him in two. 

“F-fuck!” Star King suddenly yelped his eyes wide as my spear came crashing down towards him. 

“You better call it or your guts might really come spilling out!” I said confidently but I understood it wouldn’t be over this easily.

No, it couldn’t be over this easily. He must have something up his sleeve, so although my spear was at full speed cleaving down I was already expecting something. 

Inch by inch my spear rocketed down my gaze shooting to Star King onto his sweaty and nervous face. Maybe it was from the training I received or the practice I had or maybe just my ability to discern faces but from the corners of his lips or the squint of his eyes I knew my suspicions were right as a smile flashed on his face. 

There it is!


“Simple-minded, like I said there will always be a gap between a pure essence trainer and a mage.” He said so shockingly like he was unveiling the secret of the world. 

The 64 orbs above him instantly converged back into two in front of me. The one close to me quickly grew in size with a tunnel right through its center and its luster turning dull as if it had become stone. The one directly behind it however shrunk into the size of the hole while charging a bright light aimed at me shining through the tunnel of the one before me. 

Putting up a sacrificial lamb just so you can get a point-blank shot!? HAH! 


My spear sliced through with a resounding cracking sound splitting the forward orb cleanly in two then continued the same path knocking the smaller one behind it aside causing the beam of light to shoot past the nape of my neck. 

Although he had no time to vocalize it Star King’s eyes screamed “WHAT!?”

What’s your surprise? 

Is it surprise it didn’t hit me or surprised the sacrifice of one of the orbs didn’t amount to anything? 

The orb I had split was a bit harder than I had anticipated so my vertical slash had lost much of its momentum to recompense I quickly ripped my spear back, twisted it, and launched it forward into a thrust aiming for a nice gaping hole in his torso.

Cleanly practiced, the moves were executed swiftly. I was ready to see his pained face, but his face was already pained? I was sure I hadn’t injured him yet. 

What’s with that look? 

Shit, quickly deciding I began to abort. 

His eyes were wide and bloodshot with hostility, shock, and disbelief, but most importantly focusing on danger not coming from me!

Sensing something amiss I glanced at the still floating split orb in the air between us. It had a blue smoke leaking out of its core while pulsating oddly. Feeling a surge of wild mana contracting into a singular space I retracted my spear and used my forearms to cover my face while keeping a tight grip on my spear.

It was a damn shame we weren’t allowed to use yesterday’s gift!


The split orb exploded with an ear-piercing shriek sending razor-sharp glass shards in all directions. The shock of the force blew Star King down the other side of the dune off into a tumble unable to stop himself while shooting me back up into the air.

I sighed as I flew up, knowing the limits I should adhere too I allowed the force of the blast to throw me like a rag doll. After a bit, I felt it would be natural a time to steady myself then gained control while still in the air. As I was about to land harshly I used my spear to pierce it down into the sand like an anchor being thrown too early. My arm was yanked but at least I changed my trajectory to avoid landing in a pool of lava behind me. 

Once I stopped I clutched my chest and pretended to groan then stood up into a defensive stance forcing it to be a little sloppy as if I had fractured an arm and a leg. 

Alright! I wanted to clap. 

I really admit I truly underestimated your resolve Star King I didn’t expect you were this adamant on winning. Sacrificing not just your orb but I’m sure you caused yourself bodily harm to try and injure me in the process. Then while I’m injured you would shoot the limping me and win, I commend you! 

I looked around still in a defensive stance ready to deflect any beams of light. 

Eh? Where is he? I was sure he would have peaked from the other side of the dune by now… 


The match is over? 


With the fight concluded the projections above were no longer hidden. I looked to see better what had happened on the other side of the black dune. 

“AHHHHH” Yelling at the top of his lungs I could clearly hear him after he landed inside a shallow puddle of red hot lava.  

I winced as I saw him yell and flounder at the top of his lungs. His arms and legs twisted in odd directions. 

Luckily, well not for Star King, it was a replay and the moment he screamed an official instantly appeared beside him pulling him out and began tending to his wounds. It wasn’t just burns and broken limbs but his face and body were riddled with thousands of tiny shards. 

Make fun of essence trainers all you want, but at least our bodies can avoid something like that. The augmenting magic had been removed from his body into his orbs so his defenses were probably nothing. 

Hearing his continued pained shouts I wanted to, but couldn’t, laugh. At least I didn’t feel any guilt, there was no way I could have known how strong one of his orb’s defenses was because no one had ever brought him to this point. 

Did he never intend to sacrifice the large orb closer to me?

He should have known how much strength I carried from my matches unless he didn’t bother to study me at all. 

Running, with a fake limp, I made my way to him to really see how he was fairing. The first aid must have done well because he was no longer screaming. 

Making my way down the other side of the dune I finally arrived just in time to see him leaving.  

Star King was in tatters and looked even worse up close with a single orb spinning around him in an unstable orbit wobbling up and down as if it were about to fall to the ground at any moment. 

“Star King do not recall your magic yet okay? Did you hear me? Nod your head if you understood.”

After nodding his head his eyes fell back on me. It was the first time I had seen such savage ferocity and malice directly aimed at me from another person.

“YOU!” He finally caught sight of me. 

He yelled filled with true killing intent. It was the first time someone had sent me such a ferocious look. It was different from Laurent’s cold-blooded fashion or the Neysil siblings “it’s my job” attitude. It was unfiltered killing intent wishing with every fiber of their being to throw me into a pot of boiling oil and personally hold my head down. 

As if he could no longer take me staring back he shuffled around fighting with the official, who was doing their best to be gentle as to not injure him more, to get up and attack me with his bare hands. 

“Stop moving Star King! You’ll make it worse. I only fixed your limbs, we can’t cure the burns yet. We need to get you to a specialist. Your grimoire has exploded embedding non-compatible materials deep into you. Do you understand? They’re leeching into your astral body. So you must calm down and keep your magic up else it will be impossible to separate if you recall it.” 

As if understanding the severity Star King turned his nose away from me while clenching his jaw. Relaxing her hold on Star King the official looked at me then looked at her subordinate beside her.

“Go check on the other participant for any pieces that might have pierced into him. A basic scan with Rook’s  anti-poison measure should show any signs of them.”

“Winner for this match, Lumi Nous!” Suddenly the announcer yelled not saying anything about the state of Star King. 

So that was his grimoire… As I was still thinking about the revelation the other official made his way to me. 

“Lumi please follow me into the locker rooms so I can perform a more thorough check, but don’t worry so far everything looks clear for you. Ah, and you’ve been accepted into the academy so there are no charges.” He said in a calm tone of a practiced doctor. 

I didn’t feel any contempt from him like I had from some other officials before so I knew he wouldn’t skimp on his work so I obediently nodded my head I followed the official away in a bit of a daze. 

No wonder Star King so mad about one of his orbs being destroyed. I had assumed they were purely magic, but they were basically his life’s work. 

Flying away with the help of the official the crowd began cheering for me while feeling a bit deflated from how unexpectedly I won I still waved at them enthusiastically. Their roars only growing putting a grin on my face. 

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