Chapter 60: The Entity and Cause For The Headless Chickens

Chapter 60: The Entity and Cause For The Headless Chickens

[Did you miss me that much?]
“Did you miss me that much?”

Those words buzzed like lightning through my ear. Shock, surprise, happiness all wanted to burst out but the only thing that leaked out was a single name.

“Eurval?” I asked questioning but already knew the answer to who the existence was covering my sight.

[Lucid, who else could talk to you this way but for me?]
“Lucid, who else could talk to you this way but for me?”

It said in a soft whisper that seemed to linger tickling the inside of my ear.

I already knew it was Eurval.

My hands trembled slightly as I placed mine on Eurval’s to move them feeling a strange tender softness coming from the metallic fingers. A glove or gauntlet? I thought but never would I have guessed it was something more wonderful.

With my hands on Eurval’s, I tilted my head back and slowly moved them away. Titillation and excitement awaited me and I couldn’t hold back from satisfying the desire to see what was behind me.

A girl? Staring at the familiar feeling face looking at me. I was never able to ascertain if Eurval’s voice was feminine or masculine in my head but seeing the feminine face I couldn’t help but realize that it wouldn’t have mattered to me what Eurval looked like. All I wanted was for Eurval to be with me.

She had her head tilted down meeting my gaze carrying a faint wry smile as if pleased with what I had realized. With my eyes open all my doubts were dispelled that this wasn’t a dream or hallucination from my earlier sadness. It was Eurval right here with me in this moment.

As I stared at her she brought her hands close and placed them on my cheeks then began feeling my face, she was probably wondering what had happened to my own appearance.

Sitting enamored taking her in I allowed her hands to take in what they wanted. I had a million questions on my mind. How did she gain a physical form, how did she find me or got here, and how did she know it was me but I knew it wasn’t the moment and I was too awestruck by her sheer beauty.

The delicate snow-white skin of a thawed corpse glistening a blue hue from the night sky, pale pink lips lightly parted to show a tint of red, argent eyes that stared right into my very mind, and long spider silk hair that contained an ephemeral softness when the night breeze would brush it against my skin.

I couldn’t help but blush. I was infatuated by her appearance, love at first sight empowered from the yearning of already being in love.

While Eurval’s facial structure was familiar in the vein of my old body as a lucid she had gained a haunting noble aura of duke’s daughter whose innocent and alluring appearance brought a poisoned demise from a jealous older sister.

Connected to her slender neck was an equally stunning body with exposed clavicles of a shining silvery material. With no skin, muscle, or organs below the neckline I could see through her ribs a spine made of a tungsten carrying a purifying luster.

Calling this mechanical masterwork a human skeleton of metal wouldn’t be accurate, and I would be offended if someone did, it shared similarities but major, exquisite, details and differences were needed for this fleshless body to function.

Like her hands, Eurval’s legs and arms were made of the same pure solid tungsten there was nothing crude like an exposed metal femur.

My breath became ragged. The longer I stared the stronger my desire for her in my heart became. Bursting within me were the words I wasn’t able to say but when I tried my throat dried and lips froze. So strongly I wanted to proclaim what I failed to say before we were separated but a lump had formed, made of the the wave of emotions blocking me from speaking.

[Oh my, Lucid really fell in love with an artificial construct created partway from yourself. Are you sure you’re love with me or are you secretly extremely narcissistic?]

Eurval spoke as she sat down on her legs and guided my head onto her lap then she brushed aside my hair and began stroking my head. My exasperation must have been obvious.

[Lucid, while my human-like emotions are new to me and I know they aren’t the exact same types you have but I will say that… I love you too.]


My heart seemed to have pumped an extra fistful of blood.

What the fuck? Did I always have a maiden’s heart? I was a little mad myself for it. Did I just not know because I’ve never felt this way?

[You should be more honest with your feelings Lucid. You weren’t flustered enough to not say it first. The reality is you just wanted me to hear and…]

Her voice from my within head trailed.

“…feel it from right here directly,” Eurval said shifting her body to put our foreheads together.

She was… right.

Being found out my ears turned hot and I felt a little exposed so I sat up facing her a little embarrassed. Working up the momentum I realized I should say it too.

“Then I’ll say it… I regretted for so long not saying this back then. Eurval I—”

Before I could finish the sentence one of her hands had gently held my chin and brought my face forward before stopping.

“I don’t want to hear it from your mouth.” She said face to face as she tilted her head to put our lips at a limits edge of apart.

As I was about to reply out loud a cold soft wetness pressed against my lips sweetly entrapping my lips from moving.

[Think exactly the thoughts that led you to words you were going to just say. Think of them again, more clearly. Let me feel them.]

My mind went blank but the train carrying the feelings I was holding onto could no longer stop on this track I could nothing but what she asked.

[Yes, very good just like that continue…]

My thoughts began raging for only her as my heart pounded harder and harder the longer we continued. Her icy lips greedily and gently stealing the heat in my mouth sending me chills to intensify the torrent of feelings coursing through my mind.

Not letting up I straddled Eurval bringing our bodies closer. Reacting she moved to hold me by my waist while I placed my hand on her back feeling the cool soft to the touch metal using my other to run my hands through the terrifyingly smooth hair and caress her cool neck as a respite from the heated moment.

Sitting up on her lap our eyes locked for a moment before we narrowed and closed them as we continued in our trance.

Time had become a stranger. Who knew how long we were in each other’s embrace. The longer and harder my thoughts went on the more frightening the intoxicating buzzing coursing through my head became. I could feel it. I felt our minds intertwining, mixing, tangling as our thoughts matched each other to be forever interweaved. Our wills and souls thrust deep into each other forging a bond, an indestructible bridge that connected our minds.

At some point, we knew we could no longer stop. We sensed it and didn’t want to stop it from coming.


I yelled as the lips that been stealing my breath had disappeared. Catching my breath from the climax and calming my heart I opened my eyes to see Eurval was gone.

No, gone is the wrong word.

[That is the wrong and correct word depending on how you view it.]

We had become one. No longer did I need to ask how she found me or show she gained her body because I knew. And no longer did I need to tell her what I was doing here and where I came from because she knew.

There was nothing hidden between us everything was left bare and uncovered.

Our wills, souls, and bodies had fused together.

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