Hyre Compendium: Rank C

Rock Tortoise (Adolescent)

Class: 1

Combat Data: STR: ~3400, AGI: ~8900, MGI: NA, Mana Cap.: NA AM

Notes:  An adolescent rock tortoise found near the Tole Forest by Laurent City. Its young age noticeable due to its small size relative to its parents and lack of usage of innate magic.

As one of the slowest aging hyres know, noted to have maturity period of over half a century. The mark of adulthood is not marked by its need to find a mate or increase in size, but its first usage of their infamous innate magics such as quake and cannon ball.

A rock tortoise size has no known limit there are confirmed sightings and killings of rock tortoises surpassing 3000 meters in height at its shell.

At adulthood its threat rating is raised to A Class 1. It is considered a large danger due to its extreme hunger. Due to its omnivorous diet it will attack and eat anything edible. With a powerful sense of smell it will often head towards cities and will use its powerful magics to level small villages and cities to eat not only the foodstuffs left by humans, but the people too.

At full maturity the threat level is not raised as no longer will the rock tortoise need to consume food, but will instead burrow partway into the ground and consume latent mana in the air as sustenance.

Their strength at full maturity is considered an S threat, but due to its gentler demeanor and human level intelligence nations will often try to befriend neighboring fully mature rock tortoises. Often holding large celebrations when a rock tortoise decides to burrow nearby. This treatment is usually not seen in Laurent or any of the nations under the Scale Allegiance.

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