Table Of Contents

Prologue Death

Chapter 1 Train Ride

Chapter 2 Orientation

Chapter 3 The First Night

Chapter 4: First Class

Chapter 5: The Chosen Growth Path

Chapter 6: The Spearbow

Chapter 7: At the Range

Chapter 8: Dangers in the Tole Forest

Chapter 9: At The Roots

Chapter 10: Hunters and Gatherers

Chapter 11: Relative Strength

Chapter 12: Safe Within The Walls

Chapter 13: Combative

Chapter 14: It’s Only Time Now

Chapter 15: All Set

Chapter 16: Finally It’s Here

Chapter 17: Heard It Through The Grapevines

Chapter 18: Counting Hours

Chapter 19: The Reality of It All

Chapter 20: A Storm of Lightning

Chapter 21: Where They All Huddle

Chapter 22: Lucid Gracile, Rook Pharmaceutical, R&D Jr. Associate

Chapter 23: The Full Set

Chapter 24: Down We Go