Special Chapter: The 25th Day of the 12th Month

Merry Christmas Yall and Happy Holidays!! 

Here is a special Christmas Chapter! 

Special Chapter: The 25th Day of the 12th Month


I stretched my arms yawing before reaching for my phone to turn off the alarm. Disconnecting it from the charger I unlocked it after a few failed attempts to input the passcode then browsed through my new messages as I tried to rouse myself awake.

[Kevin: Merry Christmas!]

“It’s already Christmas? Noooo that means winter break is almost over…” I tossed my phone to the side and laid back down.

Dejected and now awake I could no longer sleep but still had to muster the will to plant my feet onto the cold hardwood floor.

I should really get a small carpet…

Grabbing my phone again I threw it into my pajama pocket then opened up my curtains to let the light trying to break through finally come in.

“Oh it snowed last night, no wonder it was cold.”

I vaguely remembered getting up to turn on the heater in the middle of the night.

Outside the houses and streets were blanketed with a fresh powder white snow brightened by rays of sunlight I couldn’t help but feel it looked something out of Christmas movies on rerun this time of the year.

Feeling hunger set in I left my room on my toes to avoid touching the ice-cold floor as much as possible. It would take some time for the floor heat to come through now that I turned it on through my phone.

I sniffed at a sudden smell.

“Did I leave food out last night?” Walking down the stairs I caught the smell of cooked bacon.

Getting closer the smell of pancakes, hash browns, and sausage also appeared.

“Look who’s finally up! Merry Christmas Henry.” I stared at the breakfast table in the kitchen sitting where my mom and dad drinking coffee.

“Told you we would make it. See mommy always keeps her word.” She said looking rather triumphantly with a grin as she got up and got me a plate from the cupboard.

“What are you doing standing? Come, we didn’t want to wake you sit down and eat.”

Saying nothing I sat down to where mom had set the plate stacked with food.

“You have to try this coffee Henry, smell this.” He brought his cup up to my nose.

“We got the beans in Columbia handed to us from the farmer himself. He said it’s his best batch in a decade. Pour yourself some I roasted a batch of the beans this morning.”

He is the person from where I obtained my love for coffee I happily poured myself a cup to pair with the breakfast.

“Come on say something Henry! You can’t be so shocked you can’t speak right?” My dad chided me as he looked over.

The two sat in front of me with the sun pouring in behind them from the window lighting them from behind.

“Now you’re just joking with us say something? Henry, are you okay? Did you lose your voice are you sick? Your eyes they’re all red.” My mom looked at me worryingly.

“This isn’t real is it?” I finally spoke.

“What are you talking about Henry? We’re not so bad that you think you’re dreaming right? Really what’s wrong it looks like you’re about to cry.” Even my dad looked over now worriedly.

“Not once did you ever make it. Let alone being over a week late to grandpa and grandma’s funeral but making it for Christmas? That was just not possible for you two.”

“Don’t exaggerate Henry, we made it before remember? When I got you that nice crossbow from Germany?”

“That was six years ago. I don’t even use a crossbow anymore.” I smiled bitterly.

Why am I even answering…

“Henry you have to understand that’s our line—”

“Line of work. You two were such horrible parents being charged with child neglect wouldn’t have been out of the question.”

“Were? We’re here right now you can’t honestly believe what you’re saying?” My mom looked a little offended.

“I really can. While you are terrible parents you are amazing people. Inspirational even and what I attribute my love for adventure.”

“But this a dream caused by the fog that Eystil warned me about.”

“Eystil? Who is that a new friend from school?”

“No, he’s more like a teacher. You know the worst part about this is that I don’t even want to leave! Because I love you so much! I didn’t get to say it before your trip to Mongolia but I love you both so much!”


“Yes, that’s what is so fucked up!”

“God it feels so real! Like my mind is split into two. the memory of last night, the day before, and even the week! The memory of my dinner yesterday and the movie I watched before bed is here but at the same time, the memory of the field training with Frium is there too! Both sides switching places over and over again giving me the choice to pick one.”

“Are you okay Henry what are you talking about? Memories? Frium?”

“Honey, should we call 911?” My mom whispered to my dad.

I probably do look like I’m going mad.

“Where do you have to go to Henry? We’re here for you, right now.” My mom grabbed my hand.

So warm. I could feel the anxious grip her eyes looking at me filled with worry and affection.

How amazing! I had to knowledge the strength of the fog, even I couldn’t remember what her touch felt like but now I knew it was exactly like this.

When was it…I was maybe five or six? They were leaving for a trip abroad and I only remember throwing a big tantrum the whole day. As wailed kicking the truck filled with their gear my mother she held my arm and looked at me just like this. Consoling me, telling me it would be a short trip.

My crying stopped as she held me, I had believed her sincerity that day.

I didn’t see her for 3 years. I got video messages, emails, and calls when they could of course and I cherished the restful nights when I would fall asleep enamored listening to them talk about all the things they experienced on their journey.

Hahhh.” I let a long breath.

They’re going to die if I don’t help them out.

“Better?” Seeing my mood return back my mom smiled at me with a warm gaze.

I could only smile bitterly. Feeling this too real even doubting myself leaving me to wonder if Eurval, Alra, the dungeon was all a bad dream.

“AHH!” A pain attacked my heart every time I would teeter into choosing to believe this world.

“I’m calling 911 something is wrong.” My dad took out his phone after seeing me hunch over grabbing my chest.

“It’s going to be okay Henry, we’re calling for help just hold on okay?” Her worry increased as she held me tighter stroking my back only serving to hurt my heart even more.

“Mom, dad.” I ground my teeth barely grumbling out the words.

“What do I do? I don’t know if I can do it!?”

“School projects can’t be that hard right son?” My dad chided with a cheeky smile obviously hiding his panicked voice.

I couldn’t help but laugh dryly forcing myself to sit up straight and look at them etching yet another terrible memory with them into my mind.

“Henry! Are you-you’re crying!” She held me tighter almost shrieking on the verge of tears too.

“I really have to go don’t I?”

“Mom, dad. I’m scared. I’m so so scared. I don’t want to go. I don’t want to have to do it. I don’t even know if I can!”

Even my father looked shocked now as he rushed over placing his hand on my shoulder looking at me completely frightened.

“You’re not going anywhere. We’re right here okay son. Help is on the way. You don’t have to go anywhere just stay right here okay?”

The pain became unbearable causing me to uncontrollably shiver all over.

“Henry? Henry, look at me can stay awake for me? Stay awake for mom okay?”

“I HATED YOU TWO!” I roared out as the pain only increased.



I slammed my head onto the table. My mind went blank and the sunlight that seeped through my closed eyes turned off. My parent’s touch both disappeared along with the throbbing pain.

Slowly, I opened my eyes to see a dense grey fog all around my room in the estate treasure. Quickly, I got up then ran towards the residence of Eystil and Frium.

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